New Nissan JUKE for sale in Tamworth

Nissan JUKE Exterior accessories

<img src="Alloy Wheel 18" - Black (Set of 4)

Alloy Wheel 18" - Black (Set of 4)

<img src="Alloy Wheels - 17" (Set of 4)

Alloy Wheels - 17" (Set of 4)

<img src="Bonnet Protector, Smoked

Bonnet Protector, Smoked

<img src="Bootlip Protector - Non-reflective

Bootlip Protector - Non-reflective

<img src="Bootlip Protector - Reflective

Bootlip Protector - Reflective

<img src="Bumper Lower Panel Finisher

Bumper Lower Panel Finisher

<img src="Centre Cap

Centre Cap

<img src="Coloured Roof Spoiler

Coloured Roof Spoiler

<img src="Door Handle Cover

Door Handle Cover

<img src="Door Sill Strips

Door Sill Strips

<img src="Door Sill Strips, Chrome

Door Sill Strips, Chrome

<img src="Finisher, Chrome - Tailgate Handle

Finisher, Chrome - Tailgate Handle

<img src="Finisher, Tailgate (Hatch)

Finisher, Tailgate (Hatch)

<img src="Headlamp Finisher

Headlamp Finisher

<img src="Kick Plates (Front & Rear)

Kick Plates (Front & Rear)

<img src="Mirror Caps

Mirror Caps

<img src="Mudguards, Front

Mudguards, Front

<img src="Mudguards, Rear

Mudguards, Rear

<img src="Multi-Purpose Holder

Multi-Purpose Holder

<img src="Protector, Door Handle (Set 2)

Protector, Door Handle (Set 2)

<img src="Side Styling Bars - Illuminated

Side Styling Bars - Illuminated

<img src="Spoiler, Roof

Spoiler, Roof

<img src="Towbar Harness Adaptor (Large Round)

Towbar Harness Adaptor (Large Round)

<img src="Trunk Handle Finisher

Trunk Handle Finisher

<img src="Weathershields, Slimline

Weathershields, Slimline


Nissan JUKE Interior accessories

<img src="Armrest


<img src="Boot Storage Bag - 6 Compartment

Boot Storage Bag - 6 Compartment

<img src="Carpet Floor Mats (Red)

Carpet Floor Mats (Red)

<img src="Carpet Floor Mats (White)

Carpet Floor Mats (White)

<img src="Interior Inserts Kit

Interior Inserts Kit

<img src="Rear Protection Carpet Mat

Rear Protection Carpet Mat

<img src="Rubber Floor Mats Set (Front & Rear)

Rubber Floor Mats Set (Front & Rear)

<img src="Scuff Plate, Rear Bumper

Scuff Plate, Rear Bumper

<img src="AUX Cable

AUX Cable

Cable is used to connect media players (i.e. MP3 players, iPods and portable DVD players etc) to the vehicle to project the audio through the vehicle speakers

<img src="Luggage Area Storage Bag - Gear-Safe

Luggage Area Storage Bag - Gear-Safe

  • Handy one-compartment storage device with dividers for in-vehicle use or as a convenient standalone storage device
  • Has a storage capacity of 39 litres
  • Recommended storage weight to 15kg
  • Image depicts open storage bag - contents not included

Nissan JUKE Safety & Security accessories

<img src="Bike Carrier

Bike Carrier

<img src="Kayak/Canoe Carrier

Kayak/Canoe Carrier

<img src="Roof Bars (Set)

Roof Bars (Set)

<img src="Roof Pod

Roof Pod

<img src="Roof Rack, Aluminium

Roof Rack, Aluminium

<img src="Ski/Snowboard Carrier

Ski/Snowboard Carrier

<img src="Tow Carry Bag

Tow Carry Bag

<img src="Towbar Kit (2WD)

Towbar Kit (2WD)

<img src="Towbar Kit (AWD)

Towbar Kit (AWD)

<img src="Wheel Lock Nut (Set)

Wheel Lock Nut (Set)

<img src="First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit

  • Includes over 20 pieces
  • Conveniently housed and stored in a black zippered bag
<img src="Roof Bar Accessories: Load Strap (3mtrs)

Roof Bar Accessories: Load Strap (3mtrs)

  • To be used for securing load on Nissan Genuine Cross Bars
  • 3 metres in length
  • Tie-down strap has metal buckle adjustment
  • Join 2 straps together for additional length
<img src="Roof Bar Accessories: Multi-purpose Holder

Roof Bar Accessories: Multi-purpose Holder

For use with Genuine Roof Bars and roof bar accessories (extra cost)

<img src="Roof Bar Accessories: Roof Bar T-Track Adaptor

Roof Bar Accessories: Roof Bar T-Track Adaptor

For use with Genuine Roof Bars and roof bar accessories (extra cost)

<img src="Tyre Pressure Gauge, Analogue

Tyre Pressure Gauge, Analogue

  • A handy unit for checking tyre pressures
  • Housed in a sturdy case

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